About Integrity Auctioneers

Integrity Auctioneers provides online bidding services to traditional auctioneers across the upper-Midwest and the Great Plains. We come alongside auctioneers who have made their life representing friends' and neighbors' assets. Too many times when a BIG auction company from out of the area comes in to handle an auction so many things fall through the cracks. At integrity we handle the regional marketing and online bidding to bring traditional auctioneers up to date. We also seek to empower local auctioneers to represent their neighbors' assets with the utmost respect and integrity.

For Sellers,

Integrity Auctioneers custom tailors auctions to meet your specific needs. Nothing happens without your approval, and you are completely informed every step of the way. We have many tools in our tool box to maximize the value you receive. We bring regional advertising and online bidding plus a host of past bidders who are already looking for assets like yours. We give you peace of mind knowing that your items will be sold to the bidder who values it the most because we take responsibility for the whole process. We sell it like we own it. That is what it means to sell with Integrity.

For Bidders,

Integrity Auctioneers gives you peace of mind knowing that items are represented accurately. What you see is what you get; no surprises. We go the extra-mile to take extra many pictures, and videos so that you can see what you are bidding on. We see your bids, not as a potential purchase, but as an investment. Besides that, we seek to serve you. You tell us what you are looking for and we will try to find it whether it is on one of our auctions or not. That is what it means to bid with Integrity.

For the Community,

we see ourselves as parts of something bigger. Traditionally auctions have been a community event. As the pace of life speeds up, we seek to support our communities by accommodating bidders who may not wish to bid via the internet. We still host in-person auctions and even with online auctions we incorporate The Auctioneer to keep the fun and personal aspects of the traditional auction.

Contact Information:

Ben Stiegelmeier, The Auctioneer. ND Lic # 1045, VA Lic # 4520

1613 Elm Ave

Harvey, ND 58341

Phone # 1-605-850-1330